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Upcoming United States Events

02/04/17: Terra Firma Dirty Dozen (Twelve Hour)
03/11/17: True Grit Epic (Marathon)
04/28/17: The Whiskey Off-Road (Short Track)
04/30/17: Dawn Farm Ride for Recovery (Other)
05/06/17: California Enduro Series Round #1 - Mammoth Bar Enduro (Enduro)
05/13/17: Desert RATS Classic 100K Endurance Mountain Bike Race & 50K MTB Race (Enduro)
05/19/17: The Grand Junction Off-Road (Cross Country)
05/27/17: California Enduro Series Round #2 - Toro Enduro (Enduro)
06/16/17: The Carson City Off-Road (Cross Country)
08/19/17: Great Deer Chase (Cross Country)
08/26/17: Peak GMT Gnarly Adventure and 6 hr Challenge (Six Hour, Six Hour)

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